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The Back of Beyond is a mobile-only group exhibition that centres around hidden worlds and stories.

13 artists were invited to submit fragments of existing or incomplete work - things generated alongside practice, unfinished forms that may not otherwise be seen, or work still in development. Some artists also realised new ideas they hadn't shared previously.

The works are brought together across a network of HTML pages in an open-ended, collage-like format that recalls 00’s online spaces and bedroom coding.

As you make your way around the exhibition you’re invited to explore an in-between realm, stumbling across artefacts and encounters while jumping from page to page. Click around to find pathways hidden behind text & images - you’ll have to make a few journeys to see it all.

A map documenting the pages - and where to find each artist’s work - will be released during the exhibition, but for now enjoy getting lost in the network…

Curation: Molly Erin McCarthy & Tilly Craig
Coding: Molly Erin McCarthy & Tom Milnes

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✼ Ashanti Hare ✼ Huhtamaki Wab ✼ Joey Holder ✼ Katie Platts ✼ Lou Shafer ✼ Lucie Smith ✼ The Mary Ley Line Pilgrimage ✼ Molly Erin McCarthy ✼ Nathan Harper ✼ Oliver Sutherland ✼ Sam Price ✼ Stone Club ✼ Tilly Craig